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Template Name:  Hippo Mag  Author :http://www.templatezy.com 
Hippo Mag Responsive Blogger Template is 100% fully Responsive Template. Hippo Looks Like FileHippo Blog Design Blogger Template. We adopted this Template after receiving bundles of requests from Clients & much inspired from FileHippo Site. It is Magazine and Technology Based Blogger Template. This Theme is very ideal for Tech Geeks and for those how desires to run Technology & Software Based Blog/Site. Hippo Template can be used for niches Software sites as well as for personal blog. The very first responsive software magazine blogger template that comes with lot of dyamic features

Features of Hippo Mag Responsive Blogger Template:

  • 100% Pure Responsive: Hippo Mag is also a 100% responsive and mobile friendly blogger template which will help you to increase user experience on your site.
  • Search Engine Optimized: Hippo Mag is advanced seo optimized blogger template to help you rank higher in the search engines and boost organic traffic to your blog.
  • Hippo Mag Blogger Layout: Hippo Mag Blogger Template comes in two different layouts interface like Authoism Theme. With one layout you will get multi ads slots like above fold, one sidebar, two above bottom. This version is available in green layout interface. The other one is magazine based interface with black color layout. This version is very suitable for technology based sites. Since in this version you will also get 3 premium slots in impressions area. The two different layouts are listed below.
  • Adopted From Hippo: Hippo Mag is adopted from FileHippo Site with the permission of one of their contributors. All the major scripts have also been included in this theme. We have installed the same dynamic downloaded button. This theme provides all the major functionality that exists in filehippo site. 
  • Video Widget: Hippo Mag provides us the best presentation widget for live video. A blog author can get advantage of this widget by putting his/her own portfolio video etc. We have added a cute presentation video in the footer area as testimonial demo. Since you can add your own desire vide. 
  • More Features: Ads ready,Dropdown Menu, Featured Search, Social Buttons and a lot more.

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