WePress Responsive Blogger Template

 WePress Responsive Blogger Template
Template Name:  WePress Platform: Blogger  Author :http://www.templatezy.com  
WePress Responsive Blogger Template is a dynamic & fully responsive blogger template. It has been developed officially using splendid & worthy scripts which would help to display posts, category, labels, slideshow and home sections dynamically. The first magazine blogger template seen on the web which cover almost every niche. This theme comes with lot of dynamic function like automatic slideshows, features posts, labels and indeed one of its splendid function is its category sections on home page. WePress can be used for multiple niche, like technology, design, news and much mores. All these features make it unique from other templates.  A perfect multipurpose blogger template for writers, bloggers and designers. !

Features of  WePress Responsive Blogger Template:

  • 100% Pure Responsive:  WePress is also a 100% responsive and mobile friendly blogger template which will help you to increase user experience on your site.
  • Search Engine Optimized:  WePress is advanced seo optimized blogger template to help you rank higher in the search engines and boost organic traffic to your blog.
  • Grid Style Post Layout:  WePress offers a grid style post layout which will help you to display more content on your blog.
  • Drag & Drop Our Themes working based on drag and drop which means you do not need to customize the HTML structure of a template.
  • Ads Ready: Clients need Ads Ready template for their blogspot sites. Our overall collection included a ads ready slots for banners, adsense and advertisements.
  • Related Post Thumbnail: A dynamic related widget has been added which would help to display the related posts with thumbnails style same as organic theme. .
  • More Features: Ads ready,Dropdown Menu, Featured Search, Social Buttons and a lot more.

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